Candy Frederiksen


Room for Improvement

We should constantly be putting ourselves in other people's shoes.

Talking to Myself

This animation was inspired by feelings during the pandemic.

Art School

Kinetic Type Animation created in After Effects and written by me!


Thesis project exploring music collaboration.

Adventures of Ross

The day in the life of a Shih Tzu running around Portland.

Pandemic Playlist

A musical activity featured on Together Apart!

Life Bike

Midnight bike ride experimentation around campus.

Space Lines

We all have so many layers but what about the inside?

About Me

I'm a designer!

Nature, music, and people are my biggest forms of inspiration within my design process. Combining them together is almost too good to be true! I love using a variety of color within my work because it helps me express who I am on the inside: rainbow!

My favorite areas of design are animation, web design, and page layout. Experimenting with a combination of these elements helps my work stay fresh and engaging. Send me an email or lets get coffee and talk about design!

Gaining basic knowledge of how to use graphic design softwares took copious amounts of time, practice, and coffee. It's a difficult task that soon becomes easier and even a little addicting. Below features my different skills and areas of interest.


Brand Identity

Brand identity with focus on color, organization, logo, etc.

Editorial Design

Layout design for books, magazines, calendars, etc.

Motion Graphics

Creation of videos, animation, and forms of motion within design.


Experience coding HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Focus on research and process.